What is Crack the Code?

Crack The Code is an addictive puzzle game that will test your problem-solving abilities. With a limited number of riddles, you must identify 2 to 5 correct numbers to unlock the key and outsmart your friends. Keep playing to see how far you can go and how many codes you can crack!

  • Challenge yourself by putting your skills to the test.
  • It's a child-friendly game, suitable for players of all ages.
  • Helpful details and instructions guide players throughout the game, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Improve your cognitive thinking
  • Unique numbers for every game
  • The game supports English, German, French, Turkish, and Bulgarian languages.

How to Play Crack the Code

  • 1Restart the game play botton, you will get a new code to crack
  • 2Your current score, keep playing to incrase
  • 3When click will verfy if you have guest the code
  • 4List of hints, each hint has number and descrption
  • 5Help botton, if you get stuck
  • 6Incrase the number in particular slot